How do I create an email account?

Step 1) Open up the internet and go to the Google homepage:

Step 2) In the top-right corner, click Sign in

Step 3) Enter your cell-phone # (or an existing email that you have access to) in the Email or phone field

Step 4) Fill in the sign-up form with your…

1. First name
2. Last name
3. Desired username (this will be your email address)
4. Desired password
5. Repeat your desired password to confirm

Press Next to proceed.

Step 5) Verify your cell-phone number

Most, if not all, email services will require you to prove that you are a human by verifying your account with a cell-phone.

Click Next after you have entered your cell-phone in.

Step 6) Verify your account with the G-code sent to your cell-phone

Click Verify after you have entered your G-code

Step 7) Complete the creation of your account

Enter your date of birth and select your gender. You may review why Google is asking for these fields by clicking Why we ask for this information.

Click Next

Step 8) Opt-in or -out of assigning your cell-phone to your Google account

If you would like to assign your cell-phone number to your Google account, click Yes, I’m in

If you would like to not assign your cell-phone to your Google account, click Skip

Tip: Assigning your cell-phone number to your Google account will allow you to sign in to your Gmail in the future with your cell-phone number.

Step 9) Read and agree to the Privacy and Terms of use

Read the Privacy and Terms and scroll down to either cancel, view more options, or click I Agree

Step 10) Access your Email inbox

After completing Step 9, you will be redirected back to the Google homepage. This time, there will be an icon in the upper-right corner of your screen with a shortcut to your Google account.

To get directly to your Gmail (email) inbox, click this link:

You will be brought through a few prompts and instructions that will show you around the Gmail inbox.

You can use this email address for creating your user account on the 1199TUF LMS as well as your own personal use.