Tuition Assistance Online Information Session for Undergraduate Students

Please note: You must have access to Zoom in order to participate in this workshop!

Congratulations on taking an important step toward pursuing your educational goals and earning a college degree.

This information session aims to support members who fall into one of the following categories:

  • Planning to enroll in a college within the year as an undergraduate student
  • Have recently been accepted to a college, or
  • Are currently enrolled in a college/university as an undergraduate student

If you fall under any of these 3 categories, then you should enroll in the Tuition Assistance Online Information Session for Undergraduate Students. This workshop will provide a brief overview of career opportunities available in healthcare, considerations for your higher education journey and a guide to accessing  your tuition assistance benefits.

If you are not ready to enter college at this point and would like to learn more about our other programs and services, please contact the counseling hotline at 212-284-9210.

We look forward to supporting your educational journey!

For any questions, please call the Counseling Hotline at 212-284-9210



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