The Role of the Nurse Preceptor – Brookdale Hospital

You probably remember how difficult it was to make the transition from a student nurse to a novice working at the bedside, and then to evolve from a novice into an experienced RN. As healthcare grows more complex, young/new nurses can be overwhelmed by the skills and knowledge they must acquire and put into practice. Having the support of a preceptor can be important to the new nurse’s job satisfaction, professional development, confidence, and socialization. These partnerships provide professional support and allow preceptees to develop the knowledge and competencies needed to assume responsibility for their nursing practice. That’s where you can help, by becoming a preceptor to a novice nurse, or perhaps to a somewhat experienced nurse who is just coming on board to a new unit or area of expertise.

This program will provide the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective and successful preceptor. This program is appropriate for all nurses, regardless of practice area.



For Information Only Contact:


Sondra Rosen (212) 894-4308



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