Telehealth Diabetes Education: Unique Requirements and Challenges For The Dietitian and Nutritionist Part I

The current pandemic has quickly changed the environment in which all medical care is provided from in-person to remote encounters. To better understand what is defined as Telehealth we will discuss current definitions, new requirements for documentation, coding, billing, reimbursements and strategies for the Dietitian to initiate effective diabetes education in this new landscape. Patient access to care and follow-up to care are ongoing challenges for Dietitians. We will explore how Telehealth improves and expands on the delivery of diabetes education.

 Learning Objective :

To explain the definition of Telehealth for the Dietitian vs Telemedicine

To describe requirements for Dietitians to practice Telehealth

To explain two advantage for the patient when receiving Telehealth education vs in-person education

Registration deadline  Monday, June 22nd, 2020.



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