Say No to Obesity in Time of COVID-19: Part II

The role of exercise in the achievement of an ideal weight, and maintenance of such weight over the lifespan. Review of aerobic and anaerobic protocols and their appropriate application in various populations across the lifespan. Establishing a healthy exercise routine during COVID19.

Learning Objective:

Determine ideal body weight and how to achieve it through appropriate exercise; apply aerobic and anaerobic protocols designed specifically for weight loss, and maintenance of weight loss. Identify contraindications to exercise and age-specific considerations

Summarize course material, characteristics of the successful and how to apply “Say No to Obesity in Time of COVID-19” in various settings.

Understand how various behavior-change theories and nutrition counseling strategies are applied in various settings including research, outpatient, and private practice.

Registration deadline  Monday, July 13, 2020.



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