Comprehensive review for RN graduates to prepare them for the official board examination; offered multiple times a year.

The review consists of multiple weekday sessions (9AM-1PM) and

one Saturday session (9AM -2:30PM).

The topics cover all areas of NCLEX: Med Surge, Pharm, OBGYN, etc.

In order to participate the students must be available to attend all sessions.

April 27th (Tuesday)

April 28th (Wednesday)

April 29th (Thursday)

April 30th (Friday)

May 3rd (Monday)

May 4th (Tuesday)

May 5th (Wednesday)

May 6th (Thursday)

May 8th (Saturday)

May 10th (Monday)

May 11th (Tuesday) – Test taking date

May 12th (Wednesday) – Test taking date

May 13th (Thursday)

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be TUF/GNY eligible 1199 member (wage class, contributing employer etc…same eligibility requirements as for Tuition Assistance)

  • A recent graduate of the RN program

  • Foreign educated nurses must submit proof of state approval to take the boards


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For any questions, please contact:

Gilda Hardy: | (212) 494-0513

Lisa Cervantes: (212) 284-9280



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