Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Informational Session

The Health Careers College Core Curriculum (HC4) Program is an entry-to-college program for adult learners who want to obtain an associate’s and/or bachelor’s degree in various allied health fields or related careers.

* Earn between 16-30 credits in “core” prerequisite courses before transitioning to a college major
* Pre-paid tuition with no out of pocket expense or fees
* Academic Support
* Career Counseling

Typical Courses Offered:
* English Composition I & II
* Psychology
* Sociology
* United States: Issues, Ideas and Institutions
* Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II
* Biology
* Chemistry

Participating Colleges:
* Lehman College
* College of Staten Island (CSI)
* Monroe College

Lehman College

Lehman College is the City University of New York’s only four-year college in the Bronx.  With over 50 academic majors, including a top ranked nursing program, Lehman College is working hard to keep students competitive in today’s job market. Enrolling in the HC4 program at Lehman will allow you to complete most of your science prerequisite courses in a small class setting with tutoring support and receive expert advisement from the Adult Degree Program.

College of Staten Island

The 1199 HC4 Program at the College of Staten Island (CSI) provides students with the opportunity to attain up to 36 credits and satisfy the CUNY Pathways General Education requirements in a supportive, student centered environment.  Students receive individualized advisement and counseling while attending classes in small cohorts with experienced faculty dedicated to adult learners. The 1199 HC4 Program at CSI helps ease the transition to college and prepares students with a solid academic foundation to ensure student success in their desired field of study.

Monroe College

“Your job will evolve over the years, and so should your professional skills. The HC4 program at Monroe College is a customized program that will assist and support you in those early college credits. Offering affordable classes with short, flexible time frames, we are sure to have just the right course to fit your busy schedule. 

Monroe is recognized as one of the most accessible and affordable private colleges in New York. Our curriculum is industry-driven and offers a wide variety of majors in the health care field, with professors who are well-known for their experience and dedication in helping their students succeed. Monroe college is an ideal school to support you to become an expert in your chosen field with a foundation built from one of our schools.”

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