Antiretroviral Medication Update

Target Audience

This continuing education (CE) session was planned to meet the needs of pharmacists and other clinicians who routinely prescribe, verify and/or monitor medications.


Activity Overview

This presentation will review changes to most recent DHHS HIV treatment guidelines focusing on clinically important medications updates.




Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this knowledge-based CE session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify the appropriate resources to manage the pharmacologic therapy of patients with HIV
  2. List important changes including medication regimen updates in the 2019 DHHS HIV guidelines
  3. Outline the role of therapy for common single tablet regimens
  4. Describe the role of integrase inhibitors in the treatment of HIV
  5. Review clinically important medication updates including drug-drug interactions, their adverse effect profile and major counseling points
  6. Develop an individualized antiretroviral regimen for treatment-naïve and treatment experienced patients
  7. Modify a patient’s antiretroviral regimen in response to resistance mutations
  8. Explore new HIV drug regimens and formulations


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