LPN Tuition Assistance Workshop

The LPN Tuition Assistance Workshop gives you a realistic overview of the LPN job market, approved schools that offer LPN programs, as well as tuition assistance procedures and requirements.


This workshop is required of all FIRST TIME APPLICANTS for tuition assistance for LPN programs.


Please attend, BEFORE enrolling in a program.

Only certain approved LPN programs are covered!



You MUST have made 1 FULL YEAR of employment, by the 1st day of the semester that you want to start


be Wage Class 1 or 2, in order to receive Tuition Assistance.

Wage Class 3 or Per Diem employees are not eligible.


Please arrive 15 minutes early, and bring a pen. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter and will have to reschedule. Please plan ahead for travel delays.

Tuition Assistance for Degree Programs In-Person Workshop


Congratulations on taking an important step toward pursuing your educational goals and earning a college degree.

The tuition assistance benefit for degree programs is for eligible members who fall under one of 3 categories:

  • Planning to enroll in a college within the year,
  • Have recently been accepted to a college, or
  • Are currently enrolled in a college/university

If you fall under any of these 3 categories, then you should enroll in the Tuition Assistance for Degree Programs Workshop.  This workshop will provide you with an overview of career advancement through higher education so you can use your education benefit to build a robust career.  The seminar covers topics such as how to access undergraduate and graduate degree programs; what are potential growth careers, how to manage the work-life-school balance, and what you need to do to access your tuition assistance benefits.

If you are not ready to enter college at this point and would like to learn more about our other programs and services, please contact the counseling hotline at 212-284-9210.

We look forward to supporting your educational journey!