Tuition Assistance for Degree Programs Online Workshop for TUF members

Congratulations on taking this step towards reaching your academic and career goals.  If you are getting ready to enroll in college or a graduate program, or are already enrolled, this e-course is for you.

The e-course will provide you with an overview of career advancement through higher education so you can use your education benefit to build a robust career.  Some topics that will be covered are: how to access undergraduate and graduate degree programs; what are potential growth careers, how to manage the work-life-school balance, and what you need to do to access your tuition assistance benefits.

The course is approximately one hour in length and is interactive. Once completed you will have the choice to view or download materials that contain all of the details you need for next steps. You must watch all sections of the e-course to be considered as complete. Once you reach the end, click the complete button.

If you are not ready to enroll in college, the Fund offers a full array of other educational programs.  For more information about classes and programs click on the link below to access the Education and Career Catalog

For any questions, please call the Counseling Hotline at: 212-284-9210



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