Infection Control: JCAHO Harm events: CIABSI, CAUTI, VAP, SSI, HAPU, Hospital Onset C- diff Infections

Addressing a 2017 JCAHO National Patient Safety Goal! Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are among the most common complications of hospital care, causing significant harm to patients, and resulting in poor patient outcomes, excess healthcare expenditures, significant morbidity and mortality and more. According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at any given time, approximately 1 of every 25 hospitalized patients in the United States has an HAI. This program will provide the professional nurse with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively minimize risk for as well as to care for their patients with an actual or potential HAI, especially HAPU, CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI, HAPU, and Hospital onset C-Diff.

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